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    • 产品名称:Honeywell 楼宇集成系统 EBI R430
    • 产品型号:EBI
    • 产品展商:Honeywell
    • 产品文档:无相关文档

    Honeywell 楼宇集成系统 EBI R430 集成通过创造营运效率,降低营运成本来帮助你推动业务成果。*新版的EBI R430把整合的力量交到你手中,使其能比以往任何时候都更容易的把各种不同的系统连接到一个单一的企业级楼宇管理系统中去。

     Honeywell 楼宇集成系统 EBI R430

     EBI R430引进全新功能,使每天的任务安排得更为合理。利用智能自动化和优化的移动接入,使你能够加强对设施的控制。EBI R430是我们至今为止*容易使用且能网络激活的集成平台,它提供自动检测和控制从而优化营运与成本效率

    The new Automation Engine functionality is an event-based rules
    engine that simplifies the automation of routine integration tasks
    and reduces the need to write complex, time-consuming scripts.
    Facility-wide rules, such as activating a camera recording when an
    incident occurs, can be configured in minutes. Integration is made
    easier, enabling you to realize the benefits of intelligent automation
    driving operational efficiencies.

    EBI R430 provides enhanced connectivity. Improve situational awareness and gain greater control with the enhanced EasyMobile interface, promoting increased productivity and responsiveness. EBI R430 provides the option to use a smartphone for remote access and management of your alarms, system status monitoring and more. Alternatively, scale-up to the powerful tablet solution for complete mobile access and control. EBI R430 enables mobile productivity for optimized facility operations.

    Instant Alert® Plus is a cloud-based mass notification solution with multi-channel alert delivery that promotes a faster and more coordinated response to emergencies. Allowing for both routine and emergency notifications, Instant Alert Plus helps create more effective risk management.

    Automation Simplifies Everyday Tasks
    Optimize Operational Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs with Smart Scheduling and Remote Monitoring
    The enhanced EBI R430 Global Schedules is a smarter scheduling
    solution, providing a simple unified interface for your entire facility.
    New base and exception scheduling options enhance flexibility,
    while improved diagnostics and operator feedback enable more
    reliable outcomes.
    Utilizing Honeywell Attune™ Advisory Services enables you to
    remotely monitor and analyze energy usage to provide insight and
    recommendations that can help optimize energy management
    strategies and minimize costs.
    Secure, Efficient Visitor Experience
    Enhancements to the EBI Visitor Manager streamline
    administrative workflow to create a positive first impression.
    Automation functionality, including scanning visitor identity documents and automatic visitor checkout, helps reduce the time to complete administration activities. Visitor Manager promotes compliance in secure facilities by affording greater transparency through asset-tracking features and intelligent reporting.
    Easy to Use While the user interface has been enhanced, the new EBI R430 remains familiar, reducing the need for training. Updated features streamline workflow and logically improve access to everyday tasks.

    Improved Access Through Connectivity
    Flexible, Open and Scalable
    Honeywell EBI R430 communicates with industry-leading open
    system protocols such as HTML, LonWorks®, BACnet®, OPC®,
    ODBC and ONVIF. The ability to integrate with third-party software
    and hardware promotes interoperability and offers freedom of
    choice, scalability and long-term flexibility. Looking beyond facility
    systems, EBI also integrates with core business systems for
    enhanced strategic control of your facility.
    Using the new Enterprise Web Services (EWS) delivered in
    EBI R430, you can achieve real-time, open communication
    between critical systems through rapid application and interface
    development. Integration of specialized subsystems, such as
    perimeter intrusion detection or service maintenance systems,
    typically becomes simpler and faster, and EWS makes it easier to
    develop custom applications to meet the unique requirements of your facility.
    Confidence and Compliance
    Reduce Risk
    EBI R430 helps you run your facility on a platform with enhanced
    security, robustness and compliance, and gives you the ability to
    migrate to a fully supported, IT-compliant system.
    Each month, Honeywell tests critical Microsoft® updates on every
    supported EBI release, helping to reduce downtime for greater
    long-term stability. To protect your system, EBI R430 only permits
    remote access to authorized users, and intelligent reporting and
    integrated records help promote your compliance with industry
    cyber security requirements.
    Simplified Upgrade Process
    Our global network of engineers and technicians, backed by
    global response centers, are well positioned to help manage your
    upgrade process seamlessly.

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